The great compromise

In order to move forward on the Constitution, the states compromised and made Congress as a bicameral legislative body.

The Great Compromise

December - On December 20th South Carolina convention passes ordinance of secession thus seceding from the Union. The result was that the Philadelphia Convention was called in which lasted from May 25 The great compromise September The structure of the Senate and the corresponding representation in the electoral college, he said, ensures that the interests of rural and small-town America are preserved.

In other words, both houses included a population proportional representation. Under prior English law slaves who became Christians were granted freedom. The Senate says that each state would have two representatives. His plan included a two-legislative form of government in the US, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The deal reshaped the American government structure striking a balance between the highly populated states and their demands while at the same time taking into consideration the less-populous state and their interests.

Connecticut Compromise

These plans proposed changes in the Articles of Confederation that was the aim of the Philadelphia Convention of Then Oliver Ellsworth, a leading proponent of the Connecticut Compromise, supported their motion, and the Convention adopted the Compromise.

June June 8th - Tennessee secedes from the Union. It called for a one-house legislature, equal representation of each state, and popular elections.

November - Abolitionist publisher Elijah P. As the personally influential senators received terms much longer than the state legislators who elected them, they became substantially independent.

February 18th - Jefferson Davis inaugurated as President of the Confederacy.

It was under this that the United States of America was being governed since its Declaration of Independence on July 4, This act will maintain a balance between free and slave states. It failed to regulate trade, levy taxes, and draft soldiers. Also on this day Mississippi secedes from the Union.

Stricter versions of this gag rule are passed in succeeding Congresses. September In the town of Stono, South Carolina a band of slaves starts an insurrection. Previous runaway slaves had made their way to Florida, where they had been given freedom and land.

How the Great Compromise Affects Politics Today

The practical effect was in the creation of a two-tiered system that could address the needs of the people in the lower house, and the upper house could handle the interests of states.

Electoral College How does the Electoral College really work. April 17th - Virginia secedes from the Union. The Philadelphia Convention During the later half of the 18th century 13 colonies rejected governance of the British Parliament on the basis of lack of proper representation.

Slavery abolished throughout the British Empire. January 29th - Kansas becomes the thirty fourth state and enters the Union as a free state in In a general election, held on February 23,voters ratified secession by a better than three to one margin.

The legislature would have two houses. New York was one of the largest states at the time, but two of its three representatives Alexander Hamilton being the exception supported an equal representation per state, as part of their desire to see maximum autonomy for the states.

June - Arkansas becomes the twenty fifth state and enters the Union as a as a slave state. Lead by black abolitionist Robert Purvis, the Underground Railroad is formally organized. On the other hand, smaller states wanted equal representation. The Great Compromise was reached between the big states and the small states.

The proponents of the Virginia Plan got what they wanted in the population-based House of Representatives, while the. The Great Compromise It laid the foundation of the present day structure of the US Congress. It was an attempt to address the concern of proper representation of both the larger, more populous states and those with smaller population.

The Great Compromise combined these two plans creating our current legislature with two houses, one based on population and elected by the people and the other house allowing two senators per state being appointed by state legislatures.

The Civil War Home Page contains thousands of pages of Civil War material including Photos, Images, Battles, Documents, Associations, Letters & Diaries, Research Records, Biographical Information, Reenacting and Unit Information. However, the Great Compromise was a solid platform that the framers of the Constitution could use to continue to shape the government of the United States.

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What Was The Great Compromise?

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The great compromise
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How the Great Compromise Affects Politics Today - HISTORY